All There Is On Earth

All there is on earth were the products of thought and meditation. God saw the world in his mind before he created it. That is why we have order in creation.

Every thing man created and developed came from the mind. If you engage your mind in productive thoughts and meditation you will add value to the world. Watch what you think!

Most of the developments and progress we have in the world came as men faced life challenges with a resolve to overcome. Whatever problem you have now is an opportunity to make a mark in the sand of time. Don’t give up your dreams.

There is power in the spoken word. You don’t have to speak until you know what to say. Don’t just speak to impress, speak to express. Words create your world. The things you thought and  said some years ago are your realities today; so also shall the things you think and say today make or mar your tomorrow. Create a beautiful future for yourself.

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