Your trust in the Lord shall be rewarded

The world economic situation is getting dreadful every day and the untouchables are getting the smack; the security of lives and properties is constantly in danger. There is no person that has solution or answers to all the problems or the questions. Every institution has been challenged and found wanting. The confidence of man in himself has become jiltry.

However they that know the Lord shall not be moved. It is time to seek the Lord. sometimes trusting the Lord requires a constant assurance from his word. Those who trust the Lord shall be strong and shall do exploits according to the word of God.

God did say that those who trust him will have their faith tried. The devil is working endlessly to challenge people’s faith. You must have noticed this in your experience; don’t forget that Jesus had the same experience after fasting for 40 days. He prevailed over the enemy through faith in the promises of God. He rejected devil’s alternatives.

A lot of pressures come to us as we trust God and walk in his revealed will. Don’t give up. Victory is very near. The promises of God cannot fail; keep holding on. Sometime we get over stretched while waiting for our breakthrough, Elizabeth and Zecchariah had the same experience; Daniel had the same experience and the 3 Hebrew children too but they came out on top. You will come out on top.

Don’t forget;”they that trust in the Lord shall be like mount Zion which shall not be removed but abides forever” – Psalm125:1

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